Introducing Basis

Flat-pack furniture. Made for GOOD.

Welcome to hoop

Starting with furniture, but with more to come, hoop is on a mission to find new ways to design, make and sell quality products for the South African market - and beyond. We take great care in how we operate so that we can positively impact people without adversely affecting the planet.

A new kid with big plans. We're on a journey and you're all invited.

We make furniture

Flat-pack furniture designed thoughtfully. Made using durable and non-toxic materials.

and kitchens soon

A modular kitchen that can be made up of three module types: the short module, tall module and island module.

Non-toxic materials

Materials that are safe for you and the environment

Thoughtful design

Making products that are timeless and a pleasure to use

Easy assembly

An intuitive and quick assembly that you'll enjoy

Flat-pack furniture

Our furniture is designed for pain-free assembly without compromising on durability.

Damaged parts are easily repaired or replaced, and all materials can be separated for clean recycling. The smaller packed dimensions help reduce our carbon footprint and allow you to transport your furniture without having to navigate your way around the front door.

We hope that you'll find the process of assembling your furniture enjoyable!

The business as usual approach tells us that financial profit should be our priority. We are different. A new kid with big plans, read more to know why we do what we do.

We think that the furniture that you'll be using every day should be easy to buy, easy to try and easy to return.