New kid. Big plans.

hoop are South African kitchen builders and furniture makers on a mission to find new ways to design, make and sell quality products for the South African market and beyond. We take great care in how we operate so that we can positively impact people without adversely affecting the planet.

A new kid with big plans. We’re on a journey, and you’re all invited.


The ‘made for GOOD’ label exists as a framework for building a culture of sustainability, fairness and transparency. It is guided by three core principles: GOOD product, GOOD company and GOOD neighbours.

GOOD product

For us, a GOOD product gives more than it takes. We're looking beyond just minimising our negative impact to ensure that we deliver a positive impact for both the environment and wellbeing.

To achieve this, we look at the materials that make up the products, as well as the design that will determine its lifecycle. All of this so that we can see a world that has fewer – but better – products.

We make our furniture using sustainably sourced timber, which means that we start from a strong position in terms of environmental impact. Our furniture is sealed with natural, non-toxic hardwax oils that allow for easy maintenance and repair again and again.

We follow a set of design principles that ensure accessibility and circularity are integrated into every product we make.

GOOD company

GOOD company will be defined by the practices and attitudes of our organisation.

The business as usual approach tells us that financial profit should be our priority. We are different. Following the example set by a growing community of innovative brands, hoop believes that profit should not outweigh the environmental and social costs. Whilst we need to build a company that can sustain itself, we recognise that by balancing profit with purpose, we can use our business as a force for good.

As a new employer, hoop has the opportunity to create a workplace that sets a new benchmark for current industry practices. We pay our employees fairly and strive to provide a healthy and supportive work environment.

GOOD neighbours

We believe in the value of being GOOD neighbours by developing longstanding relationships with our suppliers, our customers, and our local community.

Supporting local business is key to strengthening the local economy. We source from local suppliers wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we continuously seek local alternatives.

We strive to build strong relationships with our local community by employing local people, supporting local intiatives, and working with local schools and charities.

Pop into the HOOP Showroom

Visit HOOP's cozy little showroom in the centre of Cape Town, where you can chat to the team and feel the product that you've had your eye on for real.

Before you go

With a strong belief in transparency to you as a consumer, we will be sharing more information that clearly explains the efforts we make. For now, we hope that this gives you a good idea of who we are and where we are heading.

Please feel free to send any suggestions to us at

See you around!