Buyback and resell

If something can be kept in use, kept useful, that's one less new product that needs to be made and one less product that needs to be thrown out. Even though our materials can be recycled or reused, these processes still require additional energy spent, materials used and other avoidable environmental costs.

By reselling our products we make our products useful for longer even if you decide that you can't use them.

So if you're looking to replace your hoop product or you're just wanting to sell it, this is just the place you're looking for.

I'm selling

1. Simply send us an email at with the following details:

- the invoice or receipt,
- pictures of the item,
- a short description of any wear and tear, or damages to the item, and
- whether you're wanting the value of your item back in cash or as a gift card to use on our store

Please include these additional details if you don't have an invoice or receipt:

- name of the item,
- year of purchase, and
- full name and surname of the person who made the purchase

2. We'll get back to you with an estimate quote based on the infomration you've given us.

3. Bring or ship your item to our workshop where we'll take a look at its condition and confirm the final valuation with you.

4. If you accept the valuation, we'll refund you the cash or give you a gift card that you can spend on our store or give to a loved one.

I'm buying

We don't have any buyback items yet. We'll post a link to the Buyback collection on our social media as soon as we have any!

Thank you for living sustainably!